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A calm, serene, clear blue sky. It was a peaceful area. But that quickly came to an end. The Pidgey that had been flying around scattered as the large blue-and-white Pokemon came flying up, two people on strange machines coming up behind it.

"Give up already! Do you honestly believe you can escape us?!" the woman of the two shouted.

"You just don't seem to know how to quit!" the male agreed.

"HEY! Stop bothering that poor Pokemon!" a voice exclaimed from behind the two. The couple had a shocked expressions on their faces. They whipped around. Flying up on a Staraptor's back was a girl with short brown hair and an aerial Ranger uniform.

The two green clad figures studied the newcomer thoroughly. "Red goggles...and a yellow scarf..." the boy started. 'And a Capture Styler!" he finished.

"Y-You're a... Pokemon Ranger!" the girl yelped. The shock quickly wore off. "Go, Pokemon!" she commanded, sending Pokemon at the Ranger. The girl only smiled as she made a swift capture. The opponents only watched, completely dumbfounded.

Taking the chance, the blue and white Pokemon took off. The couple looked at it go, anger showing as they looked back at the Ranger. "You let it escape! Oblivia's been peaceful, so why did you have to bother us?!" the male asked in a rage.

"You know how we take care of annoying pests?" the female asked. "By shooting them down with our plasma guns!" The two pressed a button on their air scooters. The Ranger's eyes widened as she dodged the spontaneous shots from the cannons. Her Staraptor settled down after the blasts came to an abrupt stop. Hearing a satisfying click, the girl smiled.

"Did you run out of ammo?~" she cooed, enjoying that she had won. The enemies growled before looking to the left of the girl Ranger.

"SUMMER!" a voice called as another Staraptor flew up next to the other Staraptor. Summer looked over and smiled. "You finally decided to show up!" she proclaimed happily. "Nice to see you again, Ben!"

Ben grinned. "Do you need any help?" he curiously asked, looking at the Pinchers with a questioning glance. Summer shook her head.

"I hate to say it, but it looks like we'll have to retreat for the time being…" the male Pincher grumbled.

"Wait!! There's one more on our side too!" a voice called from beneath the clouds. Suddenly, a man on a red air scooter popped up in between the two other Pinchers. Everyone else seemed shocked by the sudden appearance. The man had short blonde hair was a red streak on his bangs. "Come on, you couldn't even take care of these brats?"

This made Ben and Summer angry. "Hey! At least we're not the leader of a team that can't even defeat us "brats"!" Ben proclaimed, his face red.

The Leader scowled and glared at Ben. "You have a lot of spunk for a child…" he growled. "I think you need to be taught a lesson!" he shouted as he began charging up his plasma cannon.

Ben's eyes widened, not being able to move as the blast was fired. "WATCH OUT!!!" Summer screamed, moving so she flew in front of Ben. She let out a blood-curdling scream as she was struck, falling off the Staraptor and soaring towards the ocean.

Ben looked down after his friend, knowing he couldn't save her. "SUMMER!!!" he shouted, feeling tears spring to his eyes. He turned to the Pincher's, angrier than ever.

"You should really thank her… after all, you may never see that brat again." The blonde man stated. "But…you seem rather lucky. Why don't we take you with us as a charm?"

Within seconds, Ben was taken as the Pincher's rode away, ignoring the Ranger's struggles.
Real Title: Mission: Regain Summer's Memories!


I'm in the mood for a Pokemon Rangers fanfiction. lDb

This involves the amnesia of the main female character from Guardian Signs. :U Her name is Summer (Original name). Ben is the boy's original name as well. <3 Yes, she will have amnesia. c: //vending machine'd

I truly hope you all like this story!

I do hope you enjoy this story!~

I DO NOT own Pokemon or it's characters.
I DO own the story. <3
MissTreason Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2011
Awesome!! Can't wait for the rest. :D
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Thank you! :D
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